Sport 24

As part of an identity refresh, we helped Sport 24 to transform their website. This included a dynamic visual schedule of programming that could be easily printed by travel operators.

Live sports on the move

Sport 24 works in partnership with Panasonic to deliver live sports coverage to fans travelling by plane or at sea. Through state-of-the-art technology, Sport 24 broadcasts sports content to international travellers 24 hours a day, all year round.

Branding refresh

We Are Sweet transformed the Sport24 website with numerous functionality upgrades to support the brand refresh. Usability, performance and styling updates allowed us to represent the new brand identity without needing to start from scratch. Our approach was to fully understand Sport 24s objectives, deliver quality work and continue to proactively recommend further improvements.

Flexible schedule

The schedule page functionality was abstracted from the existing website dependencies and rebuilt to accommodate and display information from the secondary channel Sport 24 Extra as well as the primary Sport 24 channel. Extensive prototyping and testing resulted in a robust design, capable of showing minimal programming information or intensive content for both channels simultaneously. The flexibility of the schedule allowed for a large number of exceptions in the programming schedule whilst still maintaining quality output for visitors.

Print friendly

The schedule is populated via the web by Sport 24 staff and used internationally by travel operators to provide their customers with information on available programming inflight or at sea. We Are Sweet created the ability for operators to select specific programming and export a printer-ready PDF that can be handed out to passengers.

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