Professional Triathletes Organisation

The Professional Triathletes Organisation is a not-for-profit entity transforming triathlon by investing in content-driven digital platforms to dramatically increase engagement and awareness.

Second Screen Live Leaderboard

PTO delivers an exceptional second-screen experience by integrating a live leaderboard alongside their race broadcasts. Developed in collaboration with We Are Sweet, this web-based platform combines chip timing and real-time heart rate (HR) data, providing unique insights into athletes' exertion levels. The live leaderboard uncovers captivating stories beyond the race leaders, enhancing engagement for triathlon enthusiasts and elevating the sport.

Consultancy first

We Are Sweet provided technical consultancy to leverage existing tools and build technology that powers the PTO’s digital and data revolution. Initial Discovery sessions cemented a full technical understanding that was used to identify quick wins and allow us to develop a longer-term road map for delivering future upgrades and new functionality.

Speed to market

The PTO’s digital strategy has many moving parts with suppliers working simultaneously in different disciplines. A collaborative approach has proven incredibly effective and allowed the organisation to move very quickly despite the global pandemic affecting a large part of the sports and events industries.

Collaborative working

Lead generation and branding agencies worked independently alongside We Are Sweet’s custom design and development to provide an overall support network. Clear deliverables for each vendor allows for fast and successful development of separated but integrated platforms to be up and running in record time with no single point of failure.

Partnership power

PTO benefits from a partner subscription with We Are Sweet to get the best continuous access to all of the expertise within our team, from design to DevOps. This time is used to constantly review technical and commercial performance, refine what already exists, and continue innovating.

Performance-driven process

The website has been designed to load quickly regardless of your location or the device you are using. Our performance-focused perspective made the website fast, performant and reliable all over the world. This optimised user experience is assured by quality development and premium infrastructure.

Live ops

PTO’s technology is built to scale in a way that can handle event day traffic and support live broadcasts. We Are Sweet has ensured the highest level of customer experience is maintained during peak traffic and successfully delivered 24h support during triathlon races.

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