IMG Replay

IMG Replay set out to create the best sports archive in the world with more content than any other sports archive. IMG has digitally transformed the way their team manage, distribute and sell footage by using technology.

Content rich

IMG Replay is the world’s largest independent distributor of sports programming, distributing over 19,000 hours of content and promoting footage sales for the Premier League, Wimbledon, Rugby World Cup, The Open Championship and many more

Replacing manual processes

We Are Sweet helped IMG Replay to digitally transform the manual process of finding, storing and exporting footage for broadcast so that users do not need to rely on archive experts to find the clip they are looking for. Users are now able to discover, watch and even buy footage on their own account through the IMG Replay web platform.

Intuitive User Journeys

Navigation and user experience had to be instinctive for users to be able to navigate such a vast content library spanning over 40 federations. By focusing on user experience and thinking about how users would expect to browse content, the Replay web platform is a visual and intuitive platform for IMG’s customers.

Dependable design

Cataloguing footage and results from so many sporting federations that use distinct branding and organise result data in unique structures requires a robust design. Every sport-type needed specific research, design and development to provide a user-friendly interface to best represent hundreds of thousands of unique media clips, with each containing potentially thousands of unique annotations and metadata.


The digital asset management system is used to serve video and carry out heavy editorial tasks that are passed to the Replay frontend through complex integrations. This collaboration creates a seamless experience for users who experience easy access to the content they are looking for, allowing to provide all of the tools needed to manipulate and export video.

Data import

We Are Sweet built custom batch ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes that are capable of loading thousands of results into the system so that the archive can continue to grow. This bespoke process was built so that ETL loaders can read results from the variety of raw formats provided to IMG Replay by their partner federations. We Are Sweet worked in partnership with IMG Replay to ensure data imported perfectly first time every time.

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