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Web Development is our bread and butter. It’s where design meets code and creative meets technical. We Are Sweet has extensive experience in designing, building, hosting and maintaining websites of all sizes.

We use the latest technology and content management systems to ensure that our websites function efficiently, load quickly, remain secure and keep up with modern SEO practices.

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 We Are Sweet continue to conceive and deliver cutting edge, cost effective technology solutions in order to meet our demanding requirements. This 'can do' attitude combined with their genuine care and passion for their clients means they are and will remain a trusted partner for all things digital.  

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Responsive Websites

Every website we create is built responsively. This means that webpage layouts and dimensions adjust to fit a visitor’s screen size and resolution. We help clients to identify where their web traffic is coming from and the devices that their customers are using. We then design websites with either a mobile-first or desktop driven approach to suit. Mobile website versions are optimised for fast load times and include touch gestures while large screens make best use of the available space.


WordPress is a popular content management system used by millions of websites worldwide and acts as a foundation for many corporate and high-profile websites. The back-end allows the client to easily create, update and delete content including text, images and video content.

Our team has experience across the entire WordPress core as well as widely used plugins. We have experience integrating WordPress into various third-party systems and implementing new technology on top of the platform. We also offer WordPress maintenance packages to keep things running smoothly long after launch day.


To build websites that really perform, we need to consider the user experience from the beginning. We begin web projects by wireframing page layouts to describe user journeys and define the user interfaces.

We understand the core principles of design that make websites intuitive and easy to use for users of all abilities. By knowing how placement, size, colour and positioning affect behaviours we can guide visitors on a very natural route to find the information they’re looking for and evoke all the right feelings.


The internet is constantly progressing and changing. Just like updates to your mobile phone, your website needs updating and maintenance to ensure it operates as fast, efficiently and securely as possible. We Are Sweet offers a variety of support and maintenance services to suit your website requirements to keep things running smoothly.

We also operate retainers, scheduled audits, analytics reviews and service level agreements for clients who value housekeeping and constant improvements.

Systems Integration

We act as the ‘glue,’ allowing different platforms and services to talk to each other using APIs. By integrating business systems we save time and money for our clients.

Systems Integration


Ecommerce is way more than just online shops. An effective ecommerce store should connect to a CRM system to encourage users to stay loyal and purchase again. We also have experience in connecting online operations to on-premise POS systems, making the journey seamless both online and offline.


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