Video Production

Storytelling through moving pictures

Video is one of the most progressive, engaging and effective methods of conveying your message and reaching your audience. There are more options than ever to choose from, ranging from aerial footage right through to animation.

We Are Sweet has years of experience creating video projects. We provide professional on location camera work, high quality production and motion graphics. We create content that is specific to your goals, reinforces the voice of your business and is consistent with your brand guidelines.

Neil Gater

Marketing & Communications Manager
Nordic Garden Buildings

Our premium garden buildings need to be presented in a modern, attractive and appealing fashion. We Are Sweet really captured the quality and lifestyle behind our products on-site with a valued customer. The video they produced includes aerial drone imagery and provides a WOW factor to our homepage as well as leading our social media initiative.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos can include animation, motion graphics, logo idents, camera work, aerial or drone footage, visual effects, 3D work as well as music, sound effects, narration and other elements.

When combined and executed in a professional manner this creates an immersive experience which captures your brand, values and voice. It’s no wonder Google search rankings and social media love to see it too.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials are effective. Customers are 63% more likely to purchase products or services if they can read ratings or reviews. Video testimonials are the most genuine, engaging and informative method for telling your customer stories with 64% of visitors more likely to buy after watching a supporting video online.

We create professional, sincere testimonials that help you convey your brand, message, products or service in the best possible way.


Advertisements can boost your brand awareness, showcase new products, projects or services and increase your online conversions. Video currently accounts for almost 75% of all internet traffic because it is fun, entertaining and easy for your customers to share.

52% of marketing professionals choose video advertising as the content with the best return on investment.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos quickly describe how your services or products work. These videos often include motion graphics or animations to simplify ideas that can be difficult to understand at a glance.

Compelling language and clear visuals are an incredibly effective way to grab attention and highlight the strengths of your product or service in a short period of time. From storyboard to final render, we can assist you throughout the video process.


Logo & identity stings, titles, animated infographics, explainer videos and special effects are just a few of the post production services offered by We Are Sweet.


From storyboarding and concepts to production and the final edit, we provide a variety of professional camera, photography and aerial drone footage services.

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