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User experience design is at the core of everything we do. To make beautiful functioning websites, graphics, systems and video we need to know the audience. By understanding users thinking and behaviours, we can design and build solutions to fit exactly what they need.

People use software because they enjoy using it and your website should be no different. Separating and structuring content into an order that tells a story or takes users down a certain path is key to getting your message across.

Sadie Boundy

Head of Special Projects
Home Instead Senior Care

We Are Sweet respond to our ideas and suggestions with the best solution, often resulting in the end product being far better than you could have imagined. On-going support around our complex intranet hub has been brilliant; nothing is too much trouble and the service is very responsive. We would highly recommend We are Sweet to any organisation large or small.

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Our process for all projects usually begins with a discovery stage to map out all possible user journeys. This allows us to craft routes that guide users towards the information they want to see, encouraging them to make enquiries or purchases. We often meet with different, departments or team members to fully understand how people interact with a system or website so we can cater for all users and edge cases.

Wireframing & Prototyping

These simplified sketches allow us to visually explore layouts and design ideas quickly. This approach will provide insight as to what content is needed to properly flesh out a design or website. This is very similar to storyboarding for video or animation to provide a rough and ready idea of how a final piece might look.

Design Principles

Once we have a good understanding of content and layout, it’s time for design. This stage of our process will define a ‘look and feel’ to your layouts where we can promote the values of brand, be it luxury, corporate, friendly, personal or professional. These styles are achieved through our fundamental design principles of size, space, shape, colour, contrast, alignment and proximity.

User Interfaces

We build interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate. We’re up to date on the latest trends and we’re experts in combining the trends with timeless design principles.

Many of our websites and systems include beautiful admin areas which often feature dashboards to provide an overview of information at a glance, making reporting more efficient and less of a chore.

Web Development

Building a website is a process that involves many components: content, layout, design and construction. UX and UI are our focus throughout each of these stages.

Web Development

Branding & Design

UX/UI doesn’t only apply to web platforms. The principles that make something easy to use apply to all aspects of visual design and video. We create media that has a journey or tells a story.

Branding & Design

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