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We transform the way our clients do business. We reinvent websites from the ground up with focus, purpose and defined outcomes. We turn outdated practices into intelligent systems. We create automated sales, nurturing and follow-up processes.

As with all software solutions, this requires hosting and maintenance to make sure they continue to operate smoothly, remain secure and perform as well as possible. We also constantly revisit our systems to refine, improve and evolve the way they work with new functionality.

Yves Kamuronsi

Managing Director
Aegis Consult LTD

 We manage a variety of projects at any given time. We Are Sweet’s support retainer ensures that all our projects receive continuous tracking, review and attention. This proactive approach keeps each individual project growing and consistently improving.  

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We describe maintenance as keeping the lights on. Just like maintaining a car, we check everything under the bonnet to make sure nothing has come loose, we tighten up anything that needs attention and we make sure its business as usual. This makes sure your platform or website is safe, secure and performing to its technical best. Backups are standard (just in-case), and without even knowing it, you’re on your way safely and securely all year round.


Many of our clients know they will have requests with us on a regular basis. We offer support contracts that allocate resource to clients on a monthly basis so you know you will get the continuous support you need. We’re flexible with what support contracts include and the work involved often covers consultancy, design, development and more depending on the clients specific requirements.


We create systems that aim to automate menial tasks and give our clients more time to focus on more important activities. Interpreting endless pages of numbers and jargon is rarely a good use of your time. We provide simplified reports presented in a meaningful way to create useable snapshots of information that our clients can use to make important, informed decisions.


Is your system mission-critical? How much will your business lose if your system goes offline, even just for a few minutes? Chances are, as you take advantage of technology, you become more reliant on it. That’s why we offer emergency cover packages which ensures that an expert is on-hand 24-7 to resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring that there is a replica of your system ready to go at any time, keeping your business running even when those inevitable outages happen.


We provide varied, tailored support services for our clients. We understand that support requirements are often specific and sometimes require changes over time as your platforms and business grow.


There are times where our clients require additional one-off support. A new product launch or big planned advertising campaign can see a sudden spike in website traffic. We can help ensure you’re ready for these events.

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We offer a free of charge 30 minute consultation to review your current website and advise how it could be improved both creatively and technically to improve engagement.