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Affectionately named disco-days, our discovery sessions are an essential part of our process and the first step for any project. We come and visit you at a suitable venue to discuss the aims and objectives of your project.

It’s chance for you to brainstorm ideas and for us to share some expertise of how to execute them effectively. Starting strong is key to a successful project. The best bit is that we deduct the cost of your disco-day from the final project cost if you choose to proceed with us!

Edward Des Clayes


 We Are Sweet has an incredible ability to tackle complex technical problems and break them down into simple mobile solutions. The exceptional in-house expertise means high-quality work and fast delivery from a nimble team. Their agility and technical ability allow We Are Sweet to out-manoeuvre larger agencies  


Native mobile apps are installed to a users mobile device via the App Store or Google Play. Native apps are developed specifically for Android or Apple iOS and so they are able take full advantage of the devices operating system by gaining access to the Camera, GPS, accelerometer and compass. We have successfully launched native apps on the Google Marketplace and Apple App Store for Android and Apple devices.


Mobile web apps are slightly different to native apps as they run within a browser and not on the devices operating system. Historically this meant mobile apps couldn’t carry out some advanced functionality of native apps, but modern browsers have made the distinction very difficult, especially with Progressive Web App technology. Making the decision whether to go native or web app can be tricky - we will help you choose which approach is right for you.


Applications aren’t always for your users or customers. Many of the applications we build are for internal use within a company’s operations. With most employees having affordable mobile devices, we can create apps that eliminate traditional paper-based processes. This enable us to help you refine and automate many time-consuming operational processes. From appointments and scheduling to expenses tracking or even digitising product brochures for sales staff.


Smartphones are now ubiquitous and powerful devices are affordable for everyone. This opens a whole world of possibilities when we can safely assume that most individuals possess a capable mobile device with an internet connection. Newer, smarter and more powerful phones and tablets are released regularly meaning that the possibilities continue to grow now and into the future with exciting new technology like VR becoming more prevalent in today’s world.


We are specialists in integrating systems and technologies. Mobile apps are typically another way of accessing a system or database. Our mobile apps are often a simplified way of interacting with a much bigger platform behind the scenes.

Systems Integration


App design shares all the core principles of digital design but there are a few additional considerations when working with native Android and Apple Platforms. We help clients to structure information in way that works for smaller screen sizes.

UX/UI & Wireframing

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