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Measuring interaction to improve engagement

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There’s little point having a fantastic brand, product or service and website if nobody can find it. We are fully committed to creating SEO friendly code by building websites that can climb the ranks.

We work closely with trusted Google partners to review and improve page content, layout, structure and hierarchy to ensure your website is hitting those all-important keywords and phrases that you need to get discovered online.

Adam Walsh

Senior Project Manager
The London Display Company

We Are Sweet worked very closely with our internal team as well as our digital marketing partners to develop and execute a full SEO strategy. This has been so valuable in supporting our sales, marketing and lead generation.


We build websites that are optimised for search engines. This means they’re secure, they load quickly and are built in an efficient way. We keep up with all the latest techniques to ensure that your website works well for all popular browsers, devices and screen sizes. Our code adheres to all the latest rules and recommendations from the big search engines.

Analytics & Insights

It is possible to drastically improve engagement and use of your website by reviewing how visitors interact with it. Analytics provide detailed insights as to where visitors land on your site: what they view, the route they take through it and how they leave. The problem is, it can sometimes be very confusing and inappropriate for management reports. We can help you to digest this information, effectively report on it and make improvements based on our findings to generate more views, enquiries and conversions.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. We can help you figure out your strategy through social media, sponsored or boosted posting, remarketing and pay-per click advertising to get the most value from your online marketing budget. We can also assist with content curation, supporting graphics, artwork, video and other media.

Website Audit

You don’t always need to start from scratch to see some short term results. We can review your current website from content, technical and SEO perspectives to advise on how different aspects could be improved. We will identify the keywords your audience is searching for, what competition there is for these terms and present a suitable strategy to help you cut through the crowd

Ease of Use

To create an optimised website that ranks well in search engines, you need make sure it is intuitive to use and easy to navigate. We focus heavily on user experience to make sure visitors find what they are looking for.


Online Design

The most effective websites consider all aspects of interaction: branding, aesthetics, layout, entry points, navigation, structure, content, conversion goals and much more. Our process helps you to achieve this.

Web Development

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We offer a free of charge website audit, including SEO and user journey review.